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What is Builder Gel Nails?

Builder gel is a type of nail polish that helps to strengthen nails enabling them to grow in length and thickness and become more durable. They be applied on your natural nails or extension tips and can last an average three weeks if maintained as per salons instructions.

Benefits of using Builder Gel

If you want your nails to look great, nail builder gel is the best option since it helps strengthen your natural nails, making them grow well. 

Builder gel also makes your nails look prettier since it adds noticeable smoothness. In addition, builder gel is relatively easy to use, and you can apply them directly to the nail or use tips to create an extension or enhancement.  


  • The first 24-48 hrs are crucial to ensure that lifting or chipping does not occur
  • If any irritation or reaction occurs within 24 hrs please contact me/GP immediately.
  • Please avoid intense heat on the nails 24 hours after treatment.
  • Includes baths, showers, hair washing, and saunas as they can fade the colour/cause lifting.
  • Always wear gloves
  • When doing cleaning/gardening to protect your hands & nail enhancements from harsh chemicals.
  • Never use your nails as tools!
  • Ensure you always have gel polish professionally removed.
  • Make sure that you dry your hands thoroughly after washing them.
  • Please use the correct cuticle oil, as some can cause lifting.
  • If lifting does occur please do not pick at it/attempt to fix it yourself.
  • Avoid using products on the hands containing Lanolin as they can cause lifting.
  • Always wash hands thoroughly after applying sun cream, self-tanning, body lotions and hair colouring products as these can cause lifting and distort the colour.


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